Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Last night there

Monday July 27, 2015
Provo MTC – Last Night there

Hey All You Fabulous Personages,

This past week has been great! Taught more lessons, ate more food (which is getting better by the way.  I think I've become immune to the cafeterianess of it all and have started eating double what I used to....a little frightening but glad the food is better!) Now it's off to rice and beans haha which I hear are delicious. Anyway, there's so much to talk about but I'm limiting myself from writing a novel because last week was just embarrassing. I'm going to try a new format of writing emails by splitting it into categories.

First, when did I laugh?

Great question Sister Oldroyd! A vivid moment I can remember is when I entered the restroom with my Comp right before our Sunday devotional. While there a sister starts singing the Dragon Tales theme song in the weirdest voice ever....it was odd. And I know odd. So once we come out and see her, she’s like "Oh my goodness, I thought you were the sisters from my district! Oh my I'm so embarrassed...but I'm never embarrassed so whatever." We just said oh it's fine and just laughed with her. Right as soon as we left the bathroom we died! We both couldn't believe what just happened. This explanation isn't doing justice but I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.....

Another story time! One evening during our three hour study time, haha,  Sister Habel, the Elders (Bartling and Johnson) and I got off topic....which we're really trying not to but they're so much fun! Anyway, we start making faces with our upper lip and pulled out the cameras...needless to say, we took selfies for a good 15 minutes.....Looking at them after we took them was the best! I'll send some hopefully so you can enjoy :)

Another quick one. We watched Legacy during our Sunday evening film time and it sounded promising. It’s about pioneers and they warned us there was a romantic scene so I was mentally preparing myself! Unfortunately it was some of the worst acting I've ever witnessed soooooo I felt really bad when I laughed cause it's about the pioneers for goodness sake! They also lied about the kissing thing, there were 4 kissing parts! So awkward....

Second, how is the language coming?

Obviously slow, but I've learned it's pretty much up to me how quickly I want to learn it. I could be having English fasts every day or studying words in the cafeteria lines (which no one does cause who can balance a tray, fill up drinks, grab food and flip through note cards while trying to remember what "trazer" means?) I can't, but what I can do is try to only talk in Portuguese during class, speak as much as I can with my companions and say my prayers in Portuguese, which has been coming along nicely! I'm totally coming back with no recollection on how to say prayers in English...so please do that traditional thing where you make me pray in my mission language! I can understand my teacher pretty well, but that's mostly ‘cause she repeats everything and talks really slow. Love her to death! Can't believe I won't see her again......

Third, what did I learn?

I learned a lot! I am constantly learning more about myself, about others, and about how this mission should be. I'm learning things right and left and I hope to retain it all. I'm learning to love the scriptures more and more. I'm learning to have faith in my Savior and His plan for me. I'm noticing what's really important in life, especially now when most of the worldly things have been removed from my presence. The only downside of that is that I have completely lost track of the date. I usually have no idea what day of the week it is or what day of the month so sorry if I forget any important days of the year! Anyway, I could explain a lot of things that I've learned but you'll just have to wait and guess for yourself.

Lastly, where is my testimony now?

I guess you could say it's closer to God! Even with all of my mistakes in the language, the long schedule, and the different lifestyle, I've read my scriptures, born my testimony and felt the spirit more than I have ever in my life! The people around me have such amazing aspects of the gospel and I learn from them daily, I also get to learn from revelation which is such a gift. I could've read over a scripture years ago and never had the same confirmation as I did yesterday about it. You get the idea.  The opportunity to teach not only investigators but Relief Society etc has truly given me the opportunity to sit back and think, "What would I say about The Book of Mormon?" or "How have I had faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement?" Having the opportunity to share my testimony has really made me think. Am I just rereading a written testimony I created back when I was twelve? Or has it actually grown and have I let it continue to do so? Have I written down the times I felt the spirit and when things became a truth besides just a belief? I want my testimony to be real and feel real. I want to become converted because once you are truly converted, you can never fall away. You are so rooted in the Savior and His principles that you can't even fathom a reason why it's not true. I want that truth. I want that strength. I want His constant companionship. I want to know that I am on my way home and that they are waiting for me with smiles on their faces. Don't we all? I challenge you to take a step back and look at where your testimony lies. Is it hidden?  Strong? Deep? Whatever it is, I hope you at least know where it is and if you can, embrace it. Love it. Because it's something. It's a little piece of heaven and our Savior. Please try to feed that flame with whatever you can! Obviously you can't feed it as much as I am but you can at least find some kindling because that's all it takes. Isn't it such a joy when you're out camping and you successfully start a fire? Isn't it also interesting how you have to start with the little pieces before you can put on the big ones? (Woah, think about it :)

I love you all! I can feel of the constant flow of positive love and energy. Thanks for all the letters and emails :) I'm the luckiest missionary ever. Feed that flame, light up your life :)

Muito Amo,
Sister Oldroyd

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